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Strategic communication

for social change

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As a strategy consultancy firm, Nectar is your organization’s partner for creating digital and communications strategies, fine-tuning email and social media outreach, and helping you understand, navigate, and communicate in digital spaces. You’ll also find support for building websites, helping analyze and make use of data, and creating content like reports, toolkits, and graphics to help you tell a story and distill complex information for your target audiences.

Communications Strategy

Clarify your goals, learn about the decision-makers who can help you meet them, and guide your team through a strategy process to create a roadmap for how you engage with external audiences.

Analytics and Data

Explore data on your work or audiences to help you build better websites, inform your social media strategy, and give you unique and timely information to share with stakeholders.


Digital Engagement

Fine-tune existing outreach to be more strategic in how you use email, social media, or other online channels to reach your targeted audiences.


Content Strategy & Development

Develop key messaging and talking points on your work. Tell great stories that resonate with your intended audience. Create mixture of compelling content with data, graphs, photography, and video that enable your audience to easily easily with their networks.

Website Design & Development

Build responsive, engaging websites for changemakers and organizations. Further, I can train and work with you to ensure you’re comfortable making ongoing changes and adding content to the site over time.


Online Public Discourse

Use my research over the past 5 years to center and lift up expertise in online public discourse. I work to ensure directly affected people and organizations at the heart of policy and social change are leaders by working with media organizations and organizing facilitated conversations to better inform and engage the public on issues that matter.

The previous ways of connecting with our communities aren’t working anymore. New media is ever-changing and non-linear. It requires us to be bold, creative, and innovative in our processes, be unapologetic about our leadership and expertise, and allow the stories we share to be carried by others in productive ways.

Working at the intersection of technology, media, and policy/social change, Nectar has experience to put to work for you.

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