Digital Analysis & Strategy

For Triangle Community Foundation


– With growing community recognition, the foundation recognized the need to be more strategic and engaged with its digital presence to reach goals across all departments.
– The communications team wanted to make use of all the available website and social media data to optimize content and engagement across channels. 


– Comprehensive analysis of website and social media data and report that outlined important learning about audiences and content performance.
– Digital strategy to guide all of the organizations’ work in online spaces, linking tactics to the organization’s overall strategic planning. 


– Digital strategy provided springboard for fine-tuning communications and engagement including experimentation with new channels.
– With clearly stated goals, the communications team works with an optimized content calendar and is tracking and reporting on progress.
– Online engagement is more tightly woven into overall strategy with increasing number of staff using digital tactics to advance their work.

Inspiring & Mobilizing a Community

The Foundation works with donors and nonprofits to guide local giving in a strategic way to fill in gaps, reduce inequities, and solve the Triangle region’s most pressing challenges.

In Fall 2017, Triangle Community Foundation announced a new strategic roadmap.  From this came a clear mission — to inspire and mobilize giving, leadership, and action as they work with donors, nonprofits, and the wider Triangle Community. While engaged in this strategic planning, the organization recognized the importance of its growing visibility and online presence. They were posting content regularly to their website and social media channels but weren’t yet intentionally linking this work to the organization’s larger goals.

Our Work

The first stage was analyzing data and gaining insight on how Triangle Community Foundation’s website and social media channels were working to meet goals. We explored readily accessible data from google analytics and social media analytics tools that spanned several years. From there, we identified trends, key areas of strength, and gathered key insights about the organizations’s audience. We analyzed both user and content level data to create profiles current engaged audience and assess how well historical content was meeting goals. Using data and trends in digital engagement within philanthropic and nonprofit sector, we prepared a comprehensive report and presentation for staff with findings and recommendations. Report included benchmarks to measure and evaluate progress. 

Our team uses the digital strategy that Shannon created as gospel. It has been so useful to us and has guided us as we continue to refine our social strategy and content calendar. With data benchmarks and goals to work towards, we’ve been able to measure and show progress to our staff and board which in turn has generated more excitement and interest in our department’s work.
Meg Buckingham

Director of Marketing & Communications, Triangle Community Foundation

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