Insights & Optimization


Nectar Strategies is proud to partner with NC Child to provide ongoing data-driven insights on the organization’s audience, communications content, and outreach strategy. For nearly two years, we’ve found ways to advance and measure progress on NC Child’s communications goals. By analyzing qualitative and quantitative data, we’ve been able to create audience personas to better target audiences, optimize digital content and delivery to ensure it reaches the right people, and re-design email outreach to better engage supporters.


Nectar’s work has pulled the veil up on data that we weren’t previously using. Now we actually know who’s listening to us on social media, who’s visiting our website, and importantly, how we can optimize and shift our strategy to better meet our goals. 

We always knew this information was available but it seemed like a mystery, locked away. Now we can interact with our communications data face-to-face and use it to produce better content and better engage with our audiences. 

Fawn Pattison

Communications Director & Senior Campaign Advisor, NC Child

Using Insights & Data Analytics to Optimize

When NC Child first approached Nectar, the organization had established itself as a trusted resource for news and information and had an ambitious communications strategy in place. It had a large email list and following but wanted to be more strategic about how it engaged its community to ensure they met their goals. With our help, the team wanted to learn more about its audience, optimize the way it reaches out and listens, and receive ongoing support throughout the year with digital analytics and recommendations. 

Our Work

  • Organized and cleaned-up records in CRM, creating targeted segments for email outreach that will help advance organization’s strategy.
  • Analyzed three years of communications data to gain insight on how well NC Child is meeting its goals through outreach on website, social media, and email.
  • Collected feedback from existing audience through surveys and interviews to learn about the value of NC Child’s communications and what they’d like to see improved.
  • Created content strategy and audience personas, informed by key areas of strength, audience ideas, trends and communications research. Report included ways better reach target audiences and benchmarks to measure and evaluate progress.
  • Redesigned weekly email to advocacy partners, donors, and folks who sign-up for organizational updates.
  • Began quarterly data analysis with report on key insights and recommendations for how to optimize digital communications and engagement. 

NC Child exists to advance public policies that improve the lives of North Carolina’s children. They play a crucial advocacy and convening role statewide as they engage communities and inform and influence decision-makers.

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